QuickLZ 1.5.x
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Please read following before using QuickLZ. Version 1.5.x supports following settings:

QLZ_COMPRESSION_LEVEL Set to 1, 2 or 3. Level 1 gives the fastest compression speed while level 3 gives the fastest decompression speed.
QLZ_STREAMING_BUFFER Because LZ compression is based on finding repeated strings, compression ratio can degrade if a data entity is being split into smaller packets (less than 10 - 50 Kbytes) that are compressed individually.

Set to 0 to disable streaming mode or to 100000 or 1000000 (suggested values) to enable and make
QuickLZ store a history buffer of QLZ_STREAMING_BUFFER bytes in size.

When enabled, data must be decompressed in the same order as it was compressed. Further issues apply - see the manual for the C version.
QLZ_MEMORY_SAFE If enabled, decompression of corrupted data cannot crash, meaning that it's guaranteed to terminate and guaranteed not to make spurious memory access. Enabling decreases decompression speed in the order of 15-20%.

Because of performance reasons these settings cannot be specified dynamically at runtime. For the C version, they must be specified in the beginning of the quicklz.h file whereafter the library must be compiled. For the DLL version one DLL file exists for each permutation of settings. The C# and Java versions only offer a single setting.

Data must be decompressed with the same setting of QLZ_COMPRESSION_LEVEL and QLZ_STREAMING_BUFFER as it was compressed.

Data is mutually compatible between the C, DLL, C# and Java versions and between all architectures.

Manual for the C version. Also useful when using the DLL files manual.html

QuickLZ C

Version 1.5.0 - 08-Jan-2011  
Library quicklz.h  
Manual manual.html  
Sample code compress_file.c  

This is the original C version. It has been extensively tested and bounds checked on on many 32- and 64-bit architectures such as x86, x64, UltraSPARC, MIPS, Itanium, PA-RISC, Alpha, Cell, POWER, 68k, ARM and SH4/5.

Its only dependency is string.h from which it's using size_t, memset() and memcpy().

QuickLZ C#

Version 1.5.0 - 08-Jan-2011  
Library QuickLZ.cs  
C# stream wrapper

This is a native C# port using no unsafe code. Performance is less than the C and DLL versions.

So far, only a subset of the library has been ported, namely the setting:


Usage is so simple it hardly needs description. Just call the functions byte[] compress(byte[] src) and byte[] decompress(byte[] src).

Because QLZ_MEMORY_SAFE is disabled you can place decompression in a try...catch block instead.

QuickLZ Java

Version 1.5.0 - 08-Jan-2011  
Library QuickLZ.java  

This is a native Java port. Its description is exactly the same as for the C# version above.


Version 1.5.0 - 08-Jan-2011
DLL files 150dll.zip
C# demo csharp.zip
Visual Basic 6 demo vb6.zip
Manual manual.html  

The DLL files are compiled with each their setting:

The C# and Visual Basic 6 demos above include wrapper classes for easy and simple usage:

The DLL files are raw compilations of the C source quicklz.c - they give direct access to the C API and perform no memory allocation, wrapping or other services. So reading the C manual may be useful, especially if you are developing a wrapper for another language. Especially note that the scratch buffer arguments must be initially zero'ed out if in streaming mode.