17-Nov-2013 0.5.0   Corrected usage legend for restore to stdout. Windows changes: Fixed restore to network drive paths, and now saves and restores HIDDEN, ARCHIVE, INDEXED, SYSTEM and READONLY attributes.
01-Aug-2013 0.4.3   Now possible to restore to stdout! Also reduced memory usage slightly.
20-Jul-2013 0.4.2   Major speed increase for certain kinds of data (would result in dropping speed down to 10 MB/s), due to correction of what happens upon hash collision with the "weak and fast hash" (deduplication uses a weak and a strong hash). Before it just skipped 256 bytes of input data. Now it skips 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc, on each successive collision.
Also fixed a handle leak on *nix.
6-Jun-2013 0.4.1   Upgraded zlib, LUA, trex, Pthreads-w32 and bzip2 to latest versions. Made source code for the exdupe core library available too (was precompiled library before, with header only).
16-Feb-2013 0.4.0   Increased compression ratio for differential backups by fixing a flaw and also by decreasing size of pointers/markers to duplicated blocks (important since blocks can be just a few kb). Cleanup by making restore from pipe and restore from file use the same code.
30-Oct-2012 0.3.6   Fixed the "... was created with eXdupe version 0.3.5" error message during restore - sorry! To make it up, we almost halved the memory usage by optimizing and squeezing out bits from the hash table entry layout. This gives both stronger and faster compression for the same amount of memory (default remains 1 GB - just to make it convenient to run on laptops too).
10-Oct-2012 0.3.5   Support for zlib compression too
07-Oct-2012 0.3.4   Now supports both bzip2 and no compression after deduplication phase ("none" lets you use your own favorite compressor afterwards or by piping through!). Used to be QuickLZ-only in previous versions.
Significant parallel speedup for files below 8 MB during full and diff backup (were previously using only 1 thread).
Significant compression ratio improvement for small files during full and diff backup (previously, the first 8 - 128 KB of each file was stored without finding diff).
Checksums were weak for files smaller than 8 bytes.
20-Oct-2011 0.3.3   More speed optimization
16-Oct-2011 0.3.2   Small optimizations and source clean up
10-Sep-2011 0.31   Unicode support for filenames on Windows!
5-Jun-2011 0.19   Supports snapshots through Volume Shadow Copy Service (Windows only).
Supports LUA scripting for file filtering
Added -a flag to store absolute paths
17-May-2011 0.18   Restores individual files/directories.
Supports named pipes and symlinks.
Supports multiple source drive letters on Windows.
No temporary disk space during diff restore (would previously use twice the space of the source).
Renamed -n flag to -r.
01-Dec-2010 0.17   Fixed a typo in usage legend.
22-Nov-2010 0.00017   Improved compression ratio at no speed cost.
18-Nov-2010 0.00016   Undid the compression ratio change from 0.00014 again (got too slow anyway).
16-Nov-2010 0.00015   Fixed a bug in out-of-memory handling.
15-Nov-2010 0.00014   Increased compression ratio slightly at the cost of CPU time, because in most real life systems speed is still I/O bound.
10-Nov-2010 0.00013   Keeps multiple files open instead of closing and reopening them, during differential restore. Also replaced a linear search with binary search during decompression, to save CPU time.
08-Nov-2010 0.00012   Diff backup could be slow on certain file contents (below 20 MB/s) - now optimized and runs at full speed on these too!
06-Nov-2010 0.00011   Made it compile and run on AIX on POWER, Solaris on SPARC and on HP-UX on Itanium (soon to be uploaded). Also made it show ./// instead of ./ when compressing with wildcard in current dir.
03-Nov-2010 0.00010   Reduced a performance bottleneck when using more than 6-8 threads
01-Nov-2010 0.00009   Edited directory traversal
Added the -L flag to list archive contents
Now shows file sizes during compression, decompression and list
29-Oct-2010 0.00008   Reduces seeking and opening of files during restore, which should be slightly faster.
Recurses into subdirs by default and removed -r flag.
Added bold fonts in console output. Rewrote directory traversal to match *nix.
Returns proper exit values on error on success.
By the way, our regression tests are apparently so thorough that they found a bug in the Windows file system :-)
24-Oct-2010 0.00007   Initial public preview.